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Bill is known internationally for his art and has authored two books as well. Among his many interests is that of being a survivalist. He lives remotely and has learned much about the art of survival from growing his own food, making his own natural medicine, to being inventive with what he has to work with. He has a long history as a big game hunter and understands what is required to live without the comforts of home when needed. And he doesn’t assume that tomorrow will be better, for it may just be the opposite. He considers it wise to be prepared in every way possible and believes what wisdom the Bible has promised. Bill is more than happy to share what he has learned because he cares and that care needs to be shared.

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What are the best survival foods? Perhaps the very best foods are those which you can plant and replant from season to season...
6 months ago

Best Survival Foods

A fellow raises his hand and asks, “What is the best survival food?” Another fellow stands up and says, “Why […]

Animal tracking tips are a must when it comes to survival skills. Suppose you went camping on some weekend, and on the first evening...
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Best Animal Tracking Tips

Suppose you went camping on some weekend, and on the first evening, it rained.  You got your tent up just […]